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Yngve Ekstrom Ruster Chair

Yngve Ekstrom Ruster Chair – Pastoe

High back armchair new upholstered (fabric and fillings) with an excellent soft and tactile furniture fabric in light grey. This lounge chair has a high back with elegant flared armrests. The frame is solid teak and in very good condition.

This lounge chair model was designed by Yngve Ekström (original design 1956 “Mingo” by Swedese), of which Dutch furniture company Pastoe took over de production in the 1960s and re-named the model “Ruster”. Yngve Ekstrom is most known for his “Lamino” chair, yet he contributed much more to the famous Scandinavian style.

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Nieuw gestoffeerd, en comfortabele, Mid-Century Modern fauteuil met hoger rug, ontworpen door Yngve Ekstrom. Het originele ontwer ‘Mingo” stamt uit 1956 en is geproduceerd door Swedese, waarna Pastoe de rechten en productie in de jaren ’60 overnam en verder ging onder de naam “Ruster”. Massief teak frame in zeer goede staat, fauteuil is opnieuw gestoffeerd in licht grijze een ‘Bergamo – De Ploeg’ zeer tactiele en zachte stof.

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EUR 950,-


Flatland reference nr: F3148
Size: W 70 x D 75 x H 98
Seat height: H 38 cm
Designer: Yngve Ekstrom
Manufacturer: Pastoe
Model: Ruster
Year: 1960s
Material: fabric, teak
Quantity: 1
Condition: as new

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