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Wilkhahn bench by Friso Kramer model 1200

Wilkhahn bench by Friso Kramer model 1200

Wilkhahn bench by Friso Kramer model 1200. Friso Kramer designed this industrial bench in 1967 and the version with the casted aluminium legs became one of Wilkhahn’s most iconic products for public spaces. This mid century modern listed item, with the cast aluminium wall uprights, is less known, yet incredible flexible, because the item can be hung on any given height.

The 1200 series is linkable. It has a slender aluminium frame. The benches can be linked together to form endless rows. We have a total of 6 grey benches in stock, send an email if you are interested in an extended series. The seating is made of light grey fiberglass and has a very nice comfort. The item can be used indoor or outdoors. The bench is in very good condition.

Friso Kramer (1922) is a internationally known Dutch industrial designer who combined functionality, comfort and industrial production methods in several iconic designs.

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Origineel bank / sofa ontworpen door Friso Kramer in 1967 voor Wilkhahn Duitsland. Deze sofa is uit de 1200 series, we hebben 6 zittingen op voorraad die allen gekoppeld kunnen worden middels de hangende, aluminium gegoten consoles. Patina op de zittingen, maar over het algeheel in goede conditie.

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Dimensions: W 332 x D 75 x H 69 cm
Seat height: various
Quantity: 1
Condition: good
Flatland reference nr: F3132

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