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Walter Antonis SZ14 chair

Walter Antonis SZ14 chair in saddle leather

Reupholstered Walter Antonis SZ14 chair in saddle leather, the item was designed by Dutch designer Walter Antonis for ”t Spectrum’, collection 1971-1974. These Minimalist looking chair does have a modern and luxurious look and feel to it. The combination of the sober, yet striking, shape of the chromed frame and the ‘simple’ form of the leather sling upholstery make this an elegant and eye catching object and are typically for the vintage collection of Spectrum and Antonis.

This chair model SZ14 (with armrests), is re-upholstered in a natural, high quality and hand picked, saddle leather. Original chromed frame (collection 1971-1974) is in extreme good condition. The leather has been treated with a wax coating to protect it against the first spatters and/or usages.

EUR 1.880,-

Dimensions: W 66 x D 74 x H 68 cm
Seat height: H 36-38 cm
Quantity: 1
Condition: new upholstered

DUTCH / NEDERLANDS: Walter Antonis SZ14 fauteuil uitgevoerd in nieuw (zadel) leer. Het originele frame (collectie Spectrum 1971-1974) is in zeer goede staat. Deze minimalistische fauteuil heeft een duidelijke Spectrum signatuur. De combinatie van leer en chroom is typerend voor Antonis en geeft het item een opvallende uitstraling.  

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