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Tomado Shelving system in red

Tomado Shelving system in red and white

Tomado shelving system in red and white designed in 1953 by Adrian Dekker. Great industrial, midcentury modular unit with two black uprights /brackets, five red shelves (19cm) and one deeper off white shelf / desk top (40cm depth). The black brackets / uprights are wall mounted, and have enough options to assemble the shelves in various heights. There are also two separate bookends present, which are mounted in the brackets.

Adrian Dekker designed this “Pocket Series” for Tomado (abbreviation for ‘Togt Massa Artikelen Dordrecht’) in 1953. The shelving unit is in good vintage condition, light patina and fading on some shelves, as shown on photos.


Dimensions: W 65 x D 19/40 x H 150 cm
Quantity: 1
Condition: good

DUTCH / NEDERLANDS:  Industrieel wandsysteem van Tomado, ontworpen door Adrian Dekker in 1953. Het systeem bestaat uit twee zwarte staanders, die in de wand bevestigd moeten worden, en 5 rode planken (diepte 19cm) en 1 gebroken witte plank / bureau blad (diepte 40cm).  De planken zijn in zeer nette vintage staat. Lichte gebruikssporen en verkleuring conform leeftijd. Ook zijn er 2  losse boekensteunen aanwezig die in de staanders bevestigd worden.

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