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Tomado brackets stock

Tomado brackets

Large stock of Tomado brackets in very good condition, original 1950/1960s. All bracket are in similar condition. We also have a smaller stock of grey brackets.

Adrian Dekker designed this “Pocket Series” for Tomado (abbreviation for ‘Togt Massa Artikelen Dordrecht’) from the Netherlands in 1953. The bookshelf is in good vintage condition, light patina as shown on photos. Dimensions are as shown on photo, the unit can me assembled in various ways, one bracket has a height of 78 cm.

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Grote voorraad originele Tomado wand staanders (Hoogte 68cm) in zwart, jaren ’50 / ’60. Alle staanders zijn in goede conditie. We hebben ook een kleine voorraad grijze staanders. 

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Tomado brackets stock

Dimensions: D 20 x H 68 cm
Quantity: 20+
Condition: good
Flatland reference nr: K4022

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