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Tanabe chair by Martin Visser

Tanabe chair by Martin Visser, SZ19

Dutch designer Martin Visser (1922-2009) designed this SZ 19 or “Tanabe” lounge chair in 1970, as a variation of the Nagoya chair, which was made for the Dutch pavilion at the World Expo of 1970 held in Osaka Japan. This Tanabe chair is the swivel variation, executed in black (original) leather, all in great condition with nice patina. Chrome frame in excellent condition, great comfort through the padded upholstery, light inclining angle and swivel mechanisme.


Dimensions: W 78 x D 83 x H 90 cm
Seat height: 38-40cm
condition: very good

DUTCH / NEDERLANDS: Martin Visser ‘Tanabe’ ofwel de SZ 19 fauteuil ontwierp hij in 1971 als variant op de Nagoya fauteuil voor het Nederlandse paviljoen op de Wereld Expo van 1970 in Osaka, Japan.  Deze Tanabe is de draaibare variant uitgevoerd in (origineel) zwart leer in zeer goede conditie, met mooie patina. Chrome frame in zeer goede conditie. Fraai comfort.

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