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Grey Furniture

Staatsmijnen chairs

Set Staatsmijnen chairs by Parry and Truijen

In 1955 Dutch industrial designers Rob Parry and Emile Truijen designed a project chair for the new office of the Dutch State Mining company (“Staatsmijnen”). These Staatsmijnen chairs were never taken into mass production, until 1990 with a slightly different re-edition. This set is from the original project series, and obtained from the Staatsmijnen (DSM) itself.

Both pieces are in original condition. Grey – blueish faux leather upholstery, on a grey metal frame. The frame is in good shape, the upholstery has minor traces of use, and one chair has minor loss on one edge and misses a pin on the back (all shown on photos). Chairs can be used as they are.

Rob Parry started his career in the studio of Gerrit Rietveld. Whereas Rietveld solely focused on modernistic shapes, forms and ideas, Rob Parry added an elegant and humaine usability and comfort to his designs. Parry designed a variety of items, which were and are hardly known because they were made for private clients and thus never in large editions.

EUR 990,- setprice

Dimensions: W 47 x D 54 x H 84 cm, seat height :46 cm
Quantity: set of 2
Condition: vintage good

DUTCH / NEDERLANDS: In 1955 ontwierpen Rob Parry en Emile Truijen een kantoor stoel voor de Nederlandse Staatsmijnen. Dit model is  (buiten dat project) nooit in productie genomen tot 1990. Toen werd een variant daarvan opnieuw uitgebracht. De afgebeelde set is in originele staat, afkomstig van de Staatsmijnen (DSM) zelf. 1 stoel heeft schade, zoals afgebeeld op foto’s. De stoelen zijn constructief goed intact met verder alleen lichte gebruikssporen en kunnen, zoals afgebeeld, gebruikt worden.

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