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Dinning Chairs

Rob Parry Staatsmijnen Chair

Rob Parry Staatsmijnen Chair original Re-Edition Dutch Modernist Design by Rob Parry, 1955

In 1955 Dutch industrial designers Rob Parry and Emile Truijen designed a project chair for the new office of the Dutch State Mining company (“Staatsmijnen”). The chair was never taken into mass production until the early 1990s. The listed chairs was obtained from the designer Parry himself.

The item has a chromium plated tubular steel re-edition of the “Staatsmijnen” chair with white lacquered plywood seat and backrest, originally designed 1955, this example dates from 2006.

Rob Parry started his career in the studio of Gerrit Rietveld. Whereas Rietveld solely focused on modernistic shapes, forms and ideas, Rob Parry, rather added an elegant and humaine usability and comfort to his designs. Parry designed a variety of items, which were and are hardly known because they were made for private clients and thus never in large editions.

Dimensions: W 49 x D 52  x H 82 cm, Seat height: H 47.5 cm
Quantity: 1

EUR 350,-

In 1955 ontwierpen Rob Parry en Emile Truijen speciaal voor de herinrichting van het nieuwe kantoorgebouw van de Staatsmijnen in Limburg deze stoel. Het ontwerp werd na de inrichting nooit in productie genomen, tot aan begin jaren ’90.

De stoel heeft een verchroomd frame en een witte plywood zitting en rug. Dit item is geproduceerd omstreeks 2006 en komt rechtstreeks uit de woning van Rob Parry zelf.

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