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Rob Parry Sofa

Rob Parry Sofa / Day Bed

Inspired by the BR02/03 designs of Martin Visser, Rob Parry also designed a sofa / day bed (for Gelderland) in the 1960s. The seating can be pulled forward to a (day) bed of 190 x 70 cm. This sofa with grey metal frame is new upholstered (fabric and fillings) in a olive green Linwood (linnen and cotton fabric) with olive wooden armrests. Due to the springs underneath the seating a very comfortable sofa. The frame is original and has some light patina as shown on photos.

We have 1 frame in stock that we can upholstery to your wishes.

Rob Parry (The Hague, 1925) is a furniture, product and exhibition designer. He studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. His forming teachers were Cor Alons, Paul Schuitema and Gerrit Rietveld, whose protégé he became, before starting his own studio in 1950. Parry experimented a lot with new materials and techniques. His work is characterized by strong lines in a clear and simple design both in his furniture and products designs as in his exhibition designs.

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In het verlengde van de BR02/03 ontwerpen van Martin Visser, ontwierp ook Rob Parry een sofa / slaapbank in de jaren ‘60. Het zitgedeelte kan naar voren worden getrokken, waardoor er een slaapbed ontstaat van 190×70 cm. De sofa met grijs metalen onderstel, is opnieuw gestoffeerd in een olijfgroene Linwood (mix van Linnen en katoen) met olijf houten armleggers. De veren onder de zitting verhogen het zitcomfort. Het frame is origineel en heeft lichte patina, zie ook foto’s.

We hebben nog 1 frame dat naar wens gestoffeerd kan worden.

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EUR 2.400,-


Flatland reference nr: F3133
Size: W 213 x D 78 x H 69 cm
Seat height: H 36 cm
Designer: Rob Parry
Manufacturer: Gelderland
Model: unknown
Year: 60s
Material: metal, fabric
Quantity: 1
Condition: as new

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