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Rob Parry Lotus 75 sofa * SOLD

Rob Parry Lotus 75 sofa

Rob Parry Lotus 75 sofa in yellow Ploegwool upholstery. The sofa is completely restored in a Ploegwool (no.66 by de Ploeg). Original frame recoated, all in excellent condition.

This Lotus 75 was designed by Rob Parry for the Dutch editor Gelderland in the 50s.The seat can be pulled forward to a daybed size. Floating armrests, grey rectangular metal frame, all in good condition.


Dimensions: W 206 x D 82 x H 68 cm
Seat height: H 35-40 cm
Quantity: 1
Condition: upholstered in fabric of choice

DUTCH / NEDERLANDS: Rob Parry Lotus 75 sofa in volledig nieuwe stof,  in een gele Ploewool (no.66 De Ploeg). Deze Lotus 75 bank is uit de collectie van de Nederlandse meubelfabrikant Gelderland in de jaren ’50/’60.

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