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Raak Wall Light model Marathon 1960s scone

Raak Wall Light model Marathon 1960s scone

Set of Mid-Century Modern Raak wall Light model Marathon 1960s scone with large-scales (width 36.5cm) by RAAK Holland, 1960s. The model is called ‘Marathon’ and inspired on the bowl that caries the Olympic flame. The lights have a beautiful reflection on the back wall. The lights have an off-white lacquered metal scale on beautiful constructed metal arm with original hammerite finish. Original and both in very good condition. Scone dimensions: 36.5 x 36.5 x 10cm. The scales are set 4.5 cm from the wall.

Source: RAAK catalogus 8, page 41. Model: C-1674

EUR 580,-
W 36.5 x D 41 x H 15.5 cm
Quantity: 1
Condition:  very good
Flatland Ref.: L6040

DUTCH / NEDERLANDS: Origineel Set moderne jaren  ’60 RAAK wandlampen, model Marathon met grote schalen (36.5cm). Het ontwerp is geïnspireerd op de schaal van de Olympische vlam. De lampen hebben een mooie reflectie op de wand, en zijn in zeer goede conditie.

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