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Petrified Wood side table

Petrified Wood side table

Hand picked petrified wood side table. The petrified wooden tabletop is placed on a new grey lacquered metal base. Smooth sanded and polished top. The object still holds the organic and typically wooden tissue and carvings. Petrified wood is perfect as a cocktail table, side table or as a pedestal for an art object, although the piece is in it’s own a beautiful object. It has the texture and material characteristics of stone. Weight: 20kg. Petrified wood slat on new metal frame.

Petrified wood is the fossilised remains of terrestrial vegetation. It is the (end) product of a natural, organic decay process (which takes millions of years) of organic material (in this case wooden trees) by the process of permineralization. All the organic materials have been replaced with minerals, while retaining the original structure of the stem tissue. The petrifaction process only takes place under specific circumstances, occurs underground and takes up millions of years to be completed. The minerals present in the ground determine the coloring of the object.

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Versteend houten tafelblad op een nieuw metalen frame. De versteend houten plaat is gepolijst. Versteend hout is het eindproduct van een organisch proces, waarbij boomstammen diep in de bodem over tienduizenden en soms miljoenen jaren mineraliseren tot een gelijk stenen product. Het eindproduct heeft de eigenschappen van steen, maar lijkt in structuur en uiterlijk nog op hout.

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EUR 480,-


Petrified Wood side table

Dimensions: W 55 x D 50 x H 36 cm
Quantity: 1
Condition: as new
Flatland reference nr: T7027

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