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Lounge and Dining Chairs

Set of Percival Lafer chairs

Set of Percival Lafer chairs

Great set of matching leather lounge chairs by Percival Lafer, 1960-1970s Brazilian modern. The massive wooden cubical frame holds the ‘floating’ dark brown leather shell. The hard wooden construction draws the most attention, which is a typically Lafer signature. Label Lafer and item number present underneath the seating. The chairs have a great comfort and support the head in a relaxing manner. The set is in original yet good vintage condition. There are only light traces of use on the wood and some on the leather, as shown on photos. Percival’s furniture not only captured the modern aesthetic of the 1960s, but is exquisitely crafted.

Dimensions: W 80 x D 84 x H 90 cm, Seat height: 34 cm
Quantity: 2
Condition: good


DUTCH / NEDERLANDS: Fraaie set van Percical Lafer fauteuils, merk aanwezig. Deze Braziliaanse set heeft en massief houten frame en een lederen kuip. Fijn comfort. Er zijn lichte gebruikssporen, conform leeftijd, maar in zeer nette conditie.

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