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Jean Gillon Leather lounge chair

Jean Gillon Leather Lounge Chair 1960s

New bought at the end of the 1960s and almost never used, this mid-century modern Jean Gillon Leather Bertioga Chair is in extreem good condition. The solid rosewood frame is in very good condition and the black leather is well preserved.  Produced in the 1960s by Wood Art Brazil, label present. Comfortable chair with very nice detailing in the back with the leather straps / belts, and a beautiful grain in the wood. We have 2 in stock, all in the same condition.

Jean Gillon (1919–2007) was born in Lasi, Romania. In 1956, already possessing a consistent portfolio, he moved to São Paulo, where he developed simultaneous actions on three main axis: interior architecture, fine arts and design. Jean Gillon started to design furniture due to his architecture clients’ demands and, in 1961, he founded his first company, Fábrica de Móveis Cidam, later followed by Wood Art.

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Originele Jean Gillon “Bertioga” fauteuil in zwart leer en met massief palissander frame. De fauteuil is aan het einde van de jaren ’60 nieuw aangekocht en nauwelijks gebruikt, daarom in zeer goede conditie. Fraaie detaillering en mooie nerf in het hout. Geproduceerd in de jaren ’60 door Wood Art Brazil, label aanwezig, comfortabele stoelen. We hebben in totaal 2 in voorraad, allemaal in dezelfde conditie.

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Jean Gillon Leather Lounge Chair

Dimensions: W 80 x D 80 x H 63 cm
Seat height: H 36-40 cm
Quantity: 2
Condition: very good
Flatland reference nr: F3265

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