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Cees Braakman Pastoe Cabinet CB01 Birch

Pastoe Cabinet CB01 Birch

A great piece of Mid-Century Modern Dutch design heritage is this Cees Braakman Pastoe Cabinet CB01 Birch. A well constructed storage cabinet in yellow Birch. This acclaimed birch collection with the characteristic loop legs underneath the storage space, immediately placed Pastoe on a higher and international design level when it was released in 1951.
The listed model is the CB01, with a folding down door that opens up to a desk unit with two smaller white lacquered drawers, all original. The larger storage space on the right has two drawers as well, that have the typically bent Pastoe inlays. Item is in extreme good condition.

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Een fraai stukje culturele erfgoed is dit cabinet van Patoe CB01, ontworpen door Cees Braakman in 1951 en uitgevoerd in geel berken. De karakterestieke pootjes van deze kast, zijn kenmerkend voor de CB serie. Het item is in zeer goede conditie.



Pastoe Cabinet CB01 Birch

Dimensions: W 131 x D 43 x H 120 cm
Quantity: 1
Condition: very good
Flatland reference nr: K4046

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