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Art Deco desk chair in beech

Art Deco desk chair in yellow birch

Art deco desk chair in solid (yellow) birch, Czech origin 1940s / 1950s. The yellow birch has a vivid and warm appearance with a glossy finish. The listed piece is well constructed, tapered back legs and curved back are nice details. The chair is in great condition with a lovely glossy finish on the yellow birch. The green fabric has been cleaned and in good condition. Creator unknown.


Size: W 45 x D 45 x H 85 cm
Seat height: 46 cm
condition: good
in stock: 1
reference: S1089

DUTCH / NEDERLANDS: Art Deco stoel in massief (geel) berken hout, het hout is gevlamd wat een mooie warme en levendig uiterlijk geeft. Goed geconstrueerd en stevig. De groene bekleding is schoongemaakt en in geode conditie. Tsjechische origine, maar maker onbekend.

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