What to do when you are really, really busy with collecting new items, adjusting them and restoring them as good as possible for you to enjoy… Let’s add a new website to that working pallet as well!

Although we have received very nice complements on our old website, we did want to go forward online as well. With an ever growing second screen generation at our doorstep and even our parents who are wheeling and dealing on tablets and phones, we found our old website not responsive enough (let’s just say, NOT at all :-).

“Second screen, third screen, fourth screen generation…We are ready for you!”

Besides a responsiveness to tablets an phones, we also wanted some other practical and cool features. Hence we wanted a search option for our site. So you can find out all there is to know on our website about Rob Parry, Martin Visser or Harry Bertoia. We also wanted to extend our database on design and designers and give you more information on cool events, books or interviews, which we will post in our BLOG. Which also gives you the opportunity to respond to what we are actually saying, so we’ll know if we make sense or not.

“And to top all that off, we also upgraded our logo. We discovered that the old logo was a bit hard to read, and although we enjoyed the old font constructed with circle and square, we said goodbye to them in our new logo, but we’ll never forget our geometric friends.”

We hope you will enjoy our new website, all new things need a bit of learning, but feel free to send us an email on the website, or if you have any other questions… or would just like to say ‘hello’.