We all know the Stock Exchange building in Amsterdam, and for those who don’t: it is worth a visit. If you’re staying longer in our loverly Flatland, than you can even do a theme tour around the country and visit his well designed buildings. At the moment you can have 2 for the price of 1, since there is an exhibition in the Stock Exchange in Amsterdam about Berlage until May 29, 2016. 

He  is very much alive in Dutch Design. Berlage, Godfather of Dutch Design showcases authentic pieces of furniture from Berlage’s hand from the turn of the century.

Berlage could be considered to be the most important designer in Dutch history. He not only designed the Beurs van Berlage, but also the many exceptional objects and pieces of furniture inside the building. His influence on the appearance of the Netherlands is immense. The building of the former stock exchange is generally seen as the starting point of modern Dutch architecture. Contemporary designers still take inspiration from his work. The exhibition testifies: Berlage’s DNA continues to affect, his design principles are very much alive in contemporary Dutch Design.

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