After more than 30 years Anvia is shinning bright again, re-inventing their iconic designs of the 50s and 60s. And since we love industrial designs and well made items, Flatland Design has become dealer of all Anvia products. 

In 2014, by personal interest and coincidence, Dutch entrepreneur Michel Klein started his quest to find out more about Anvia, their products and their intriguing past. Which resulted in the reestablishment of Anvia in 2015 and the re-invention of several of their iconic designs, adjusting them to the 21th century without loosing their original context and charm.

The history of Anvia is a turbulent one.

AnviaBeursThe roots of Anvia are in Germany, where the Jewish-German company (which originally made brass fixtures) of Max Liebert was forced to move to the Netherlands when Hitler gained power in the 1930s. Through an acquaintance they started over in Almelo (NL). It was there where the Liebert family started ANVIA ‘Algemeene Nederlandsche Verlichtingsindustrie Almelo’ and began to produce lighting.

Unfortunately World War II began, and when it ended only one daughter of Max Liebert, Ilse, and her husband Fritz Kaufmann had survived the occupation and deportation of the the Germans.

At the beginning of the 50s they meet Dutch industrial designer Jan Hoogervorst, with whom they build Anvia into one of the biggest Lighting design companies in the Netherland of the 50s, 60s and 70s. In the 80s Anvia was sold and for unknown reasons it seized to exists.

Until now… We love to source out interesting design icons and unique collectables of the past for you. But what if right under our very noses there is a small production company re-inventing beautiful items of the past, with the same thought for details and materials as before ? We can not leave that unnoticed. So to extend our collection we have taken on a dealership with Anvia. The items are up to date with the LED technology of the 21th century…plug and play!

Flatland Design is dealer of all Anvia re-editions. 

1502 ANVIA Sprinkhaan

1502 ANVIA Sprinkhaan