From September 20 to October 10 we are moving our company to a new location We can acces our emails, yet our present collection is limited.
Send us an email if you are interested in any of the available items. See you in Flatland!

Our decennia years of experience and expertise guides us to find the most unique pieces with a special history. We restore all pieces to a very high standard, enabling you to place the items immediately in their intended setting. We are specialised in wood restoration and customised upholstery. Feel free to ask us about the items in our online gallery or if you are looking for something specific send us your interests, we’ll do our best to find the piece for you. We are based in the Netherlands, yet we ship worldwide.

* From September 20  to October 10 we are moving our company to a new location, inquiries might take longer to answer ;-). We are available however for any interests in our limited, yet present collection, send us an email if you are interested in any of the items available. *

Enjoy our collection and see you in Flatland!

Please reach out with any questions:



Quality of Collection

At Flatland we restore our pieces to a very high standard, enabling buyers to place the items immediately in their intended setting. If a specific skill is out of our reach, we contact only the best professionals to restore, upholster or adjust the piece to your wishes.

Looking for Something?

If you are looking for a special item, let us know. Most items we can source out for you. And we are always looking for new collectables ourselves as well. If you have an item that doesn’t fit in your home anymore, don’t hesitate to send us an email with photos.


At Flatland we restore our items to a very high quality standard. Our expertise in wood restoration, upholstery, metal and (faux) leather finishing is extensive. We exhibit only the best finished items and are able to customise the pieces to your specific wishes in fabric, wood or metal finish.


You are most welcome to collect your items at our depot, but we also offer a worldwide shipment option in which we always choose the safest and most price conscious quotes. Click on the link above to find out more on shipment to your location.

14 Days Return Option

If for any reason the item is not what you had expect or you just simple changed your mind, we do offer the possibility to return the item(s),within 14 days after delivery. Shipment costs for delivery and return are never refunded, only the price(s) of the purchased item(s). Items sold with discount are excluded for a money refund.

Conditions of sale

Please read our general terms and conditions of sales on this website. We’ll inform you as best as we can in our emails and offers, but we’ll always refer to the more detailed conditions on this website..

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